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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a supercharger and how does it work?

A supercharger is an air compression device that forces air into an engine. The device allows more air and fuel to be forced into an engine than is possible under normal atmospheric conditions. The mixture of compressed air and fuel in the engine produces a higher compression ratio resulting in more horsepower and torque. A supercharger also allows a vehicle with a smaller displacement engine the ability to perform as a large displacement engine.

How much horsepower will a supercharger give my Challenger?

Tidalwave Productions offers forced air induction systems at 5-8lbs per square inch of boost pressure. This level of pressure typically results in a 100+ increase in REAR WHEEL horsepower. Although more boost would result in additional power, it is also necessary to make adjustments to the fuel, electronics, exhaust and engine modifications.

Will the supercharger affect the gas mileage?

Fuel economy depends entirely on your driving habits and in some cases you may experience an increase in gas mileage. Under normal freeway driving, for example, the supercharger is not under boost but is increasing the efficiency of the engine by forcing air through restrictions like the air filter. But let's face it, you are not interested in a supercharger to enjoy "normal driving conditions." When you are demanding additional performance from your vehicle it will require additional fuel. If you are a "lead foot" your fuel economy will decline because your car is working harder. If you are simply using the supercharger for occasional acceleration and passing performance, then your fuel economy should remain about the same.

Is the supercharger always working?

While the supercharger is always spinning and moving air, it is not always producing boost in the engine. Boost is a function of engine load and RPM. The majority of the time your supercharger will not be producing boost. The supercharger produces boost under high load conditions which may include heavy acceleration, going uphill, passing another vehicle or under towing conditions. Tidalwave superchargers offer the power you need on demand, the reminder of the time the engine is working just like a normally aspirated engine.

Will the supercharger affect engine life?

Engine longevity is a function of your personal driving habits and how well your vehicle is tuned. If a vehicle is tuned properly and not abused, engine life should remain unaffected. Even a stock vehicle will show signs of premature aging if used under rigorous conditions such as racing and/or towing. Likewise, premature engine failure is a possibility with any vehicle that is not properly tuned and a supercharged vehicle is no exception. As explained, a supercharger is an air movement device that forces increased air into an engine. While under boost, the additional air requires additional fuel to enrich the air to fuel ratio entering the engine. In many cases, the timing must be taken out of the engine under boost conditions. Detonation (a pinging noise from the engine) is a sign that your vehicle is not running properly and can indicate a variety of problems including a lean condition, a timing curve that is too aggressive, or low octane fuel. Demanding performance from a detonating engine will likely result in reduced engine life with or without a supercharger. Tidalwave Productions recommends that the installer of any supercharger be qualified to identify detonation and have the ability to identify and correct the cause of it.

Will the installation of the supercharger affect the factory warranty on the vehicle?

Legally, a manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle. However, several dealerships are resistant to maintaining a vehicle with aftermarket equipment. The best course of action is to locate a dealership to service your vehicle that has common sense and develop a good working relationship with that dealer.


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